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Why are we here

eBBack develops a first of its kind seamless solution for your excess inventory.

Every year, over $55 billion worth of excess electronic inventory piles up, weighing as much as 5,000 Eiffel Towers. This excessive stock, which includes components and raw materials across various industries globally, amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Much of it is sold by weight, leading to write-offs, recycling, pollution, or minimal reuse in production.

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About eBBack

eBBack Inventory ltd., founded in 2022 by engineer Eli Greenberg, aims to solve the surplus inventory issue and boost companies’ financial health. Eli, with decades of experience at Polaris Systems Engineering which he owned, recognized this problem and couldn’t find an existing solution. Now, eBBack is on a mission to provide a platform that not only improves cash flow and profitability for customers but also helps enhance their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reports by reducing energy use, carbon emissions, and waste. eBBack team graduated ‘8200 Impact’ accelerator.

After the challenges posed by Covid-19, a team of professionals joined eBBack, and the company has already received recognition from the Israel Innovation Authority for its innovative solution. The platform will be available soon, and we are building a community of early bird users who want to trade their excess inventory more efficiently while promoting a better environment.

The Solution

eBBack’s motto follows Da Vinci’s quote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.
This is our motivation.

In a nutshell, Choose and Sell – Choose and Buy. eBBack allows any manufacturer and company to easily Choose the excess items they want to Sell which will be automatically exposed on our marketplace; Thus enabling other manufacturers to Choose their required items and Buy.

Our workflow is fully automatic, ensuring zero effort, lower risk and great ROI. eBBack’s AI logic will rank environmental impact of both buyers and sellers in an ESG fashion.

  • Zero-effort
  • Reduce warehouse space and expenses
  • Better operational ROI, improve cash flow
  • Higher ESG/SDG scores
  • Access Excess Inventory around the globe
  • Reach new and obsolete/EOL items
  • Less MOQ requirement
  • Higher ESG/SDG scores

Every buyer is a potential seller

“The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty.

The activist is the man who cleans the river.”

– Ross Perot

Young company,
Seasoned team

Eli GreenbergCEO
Over 40 years of engineering and management.
Polaris Owner & GM
Boaz HashaviaCBDO
Over 25 years as International
VP Biz Dev.
Ex. CTO of NessPro
Guy FisherCTO
Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience as CTO.
e-Marketplace GURU
Ori GreenbergCOO
Over 10 years as managing electronic engineering teams & Business Dev.
Itay YeheskelyDirector
Ex. Chief Economist 
Investment Authority of the 
Ministry of Economy


Global warming happens day by day. Occasionally, manufacturers’ excess inventory turns into wasted and dumped, while such items may be required by other manufacturers who commonly order new production from vendors, even if it requires a Minimum Order Quantity.

“high-value, recoverable materials conservatively valued at US $57 billion – a sum greater than the Gross Domestic Product of most countries – were mostly dumped or burned… The new report also predicts global e-waste will reach 74 Mt (Million Tons) by 2030, almost a doubling of e-waste in just 16 years…”

U.N. The Global E-waste Monitor 2020

eBBack’s marketplace eliminates such waste by allowing the exchange of this huge amount of excess inventory items. We start with electric and electronics items but our marketplace is a platform for any manufacturer. As ESG is now a requirement, yet there is no worldwide standard, we have researched and are developing eBBack’s advanced AI Environmental scoring providing both sellers and buyers a unique report that you may incorporate into your corporate quarterly and annual reports.

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